What’s Karl been up to?… Design Star follow ups!

Next up in the roster, of “Where are they now?” is the uber talented Karl Sponholtz. Karl always managed to pull out something spectacular at the end of each challenge, much of which is due to his sheer talent as a working architect, despite the battles he faced within himself, doubting his capabilities. His precise and very methodical way of approaching each challenge was particularly appealing to me, as I also think I’m kind of anal with my design process, so props to him!


  • What was your experience like on Design Star? Was it what you expected it to be?
Design Star was fun.  It was like being on an obstacle course, a job interview, a beauty pageant, and summer camp all at the same time.
  • On the show, do you think that you were portrayed like what/who you really are?
I am eternally thankful that most of my self-inflicted injuries, panic attacks, and  stumbles (both physical and verbal) never made it on the air.
  • Since the show, what have you been up to? Was the show a help or hindrance with life afterwards?
I continue to work for an architectural firm designing elegant homes on Chicago’s North Shore. I am precisely where I want to be.
  • Finally looking ahead, is there a trend you see on the rise that everyone should be looking out for? Or a super helpful tip or DIY trick everyone should be aware of?
When searching through trends, always look for quality – beautiful, well-made things never go out of style.
  • Then any last thoughts, or things you feel like sharing? Also, how can fans or possible clients contact you?
My website is being rebuilt – until its done, you can contact me at ksponholtz@hotmail.com

Cheers to you Karl!… Sounds like you’re living the life! Thanks so much for the follow up! Looking forward to the launch of your site, where I’ll be happy to let everyone know!

Who’s next up to tell us about what fabulous things are swirling around with their life? Come back and find out!