Transitions… Designing for a Difference, the Makeover!…

The Design For A Difference team was in place! Leslie Ann, Deanna, Lisa, Vivian and I were ready to work with Mark Brunetz to get this space looking like a million bucks! We had 48 hours to transform awful into awesome!

Day One-Breakfast with a few of the families currently living in Transitions…

Before they even arrived there was plenty of prepping to get it all together. It was an exciting time, we were all anxious to meet these women, hear their stories and interact with the kids. This was our opportunity to hear what the residents were hoping for in this makeover. Like any good designer/client relationship it all comes down to meeting the needs and expectations of the end users. This was our chance to soak in all that information…

I have to say, what the breakfast turned into was really more about an understanding of who these women are. They were candid about the struggles they’ve overcome, and their plans for the future. So many stories of wanting better, wanting a higher degree of education, wanting to earn a living on their own. So inspiring! So honest! So emotional! This was for real! This makeover was a HUGE deal for these families! We weren’t about to disappoint.

A quick pow-wow with Mark, we got our game plan down. This was going to have to be a highly choreographed routine, in order to accomplish all that was ahead of us. Painting, flooring, window coverings, furniture, accessories, and much much more! Oh yeah, and did I mention, this was all being filmed! Like the pressure and stakes weren’t high enough, the added bonus of a film crew capturing every moment just solidified the need to bring our A-game!

Cameras were rolling, and this was happening! It’s now or never! We rallied hard, and worked! That first day was almost completely devoted to painting and a few special projects given to each individual designer.

tyler and mark
Fullscreen capture 11102013 41846 PM
Deanna, Lisa, Leslie Ann and Vivian showing that they meant business! They were ramped up and ready! Saying that they worked hard was an understatement! They as well as I knew, after that breakfast with the residents, that we had to deliver!

Day Two-It came sooner than expected! We still had some touch up painting to do, but besides that, the floor should’ve been installed, and placing furniture, accessories, not to mention we still had to pick out a couple of rugs!

Let me take this time to give a shout out to Gina from Gina’s Design Center who was an integral part of this transformation. Her showroom was the partnering showroom from IDG that worked in tandem with Leslie Ann to see her vision through, providing all of the flooring and labor including all construction and carpentry. The makeover honestly wouldn’t have been possible without Gina’s involvement.

Gina’s Design Center is just a one stop shop for any design professional looking to get mostly any aspect of a renovation spec’d out and ordered. They will take on any project from a simple carpet install to renovating a kitchen. Gina’s has it all, and it’s honestly an amazing source!

We chose our rugs, we arranged, and re-arranged, we accessorized and tszujed… It was time for the reveal!

What would they say? What would they think? Would they love it?!… I guess we’ll all have to wait for the big reveal in a few months when the episode is ready to air!… Hehehe! Check back and we’ll see how it all went down!

I will say there was a fair amount of smiles…

child with pup chair
Lots of hugs…

And even a few tears…

Emotional resident at reveal
I can’t wait for you all to see the final episode! Thank you to the International Design Guild for this once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of something so big!