The Ubiquitous Combo of Black & Gold

Okay, my normal routine of a quick scan of Twitter, to a quick scan of Instagram, to a quick scan of Facebook, lead to a “quick” scan of Pinterest and I noticed myself pinning what was somewhat reminiscent of my Design on a Dime vignette, in that the spaces had the unifying thread of Black and Gold elements… I have to say I do love the combo as many do…

So I basically just wanted to show off a few of the various way this duo of colors can be used, without looking too severe, as it can easily turn from amazingly chic to ridiculously gauche… The two colors need to be tempered with other elements and colors to soften their very powerful presence making it more palatable.

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My vignette was broken up with various orange and ochre tones, not to mention the addition of white and silver. I love to mix metals! I think it's so much more modern and really the way people live!

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Whether it's a gold toned pot filler on a beautiful mosaic backsplash, a graphic deco paper, or gold capiz shell chandelier, it's a combination that will never be trendy, and always in style!