The magic of paper and printing… That’s MINTED.

every year, without a doubt, my heart starts to beat a bit faster and harder when the calendar hits that eleventh month and I realize that I need to get my a$$ in gear and get my Holiday Cards churned out! I’ve explored most of the online companies that offer custom cards and printing, with acceptable results… Eehhhh, have I ever been completely floored with the quality or paper stock offerings? Not really, but I just figured, this is what it is… Then I stumbled upon Minted!

I feel like I’ve been living under rock not knowing about these people! The quality is impeccable, and the paper!… Uhhhh, I die with all the paper options! They even have TripleThick Luxe Business Cards, Foil Finishes and Letterpress for all you geeks out there like me! Amazing! For those of you who just want gorgeous and unusual designs there are a ton of pre-made items that are ready to go!

Then on top of it all, their super cute and well curated blog Julep, just makes me smile. It’s chocked full of fun DIY projects for all ages, beautiful images for pure inspirational goodness and even a section for the Minted Community. What a great source!

Under the “Tis The Season” section, I found the most adorable Letter to Santa printout for Paolo!

How adorable is that?!… Anything that makes my life easier, especially around the Holidays is gold in my book, and I think Minted is 24K! Check them out!