For The Love Of Leather

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Okay, we all know that leather is simply amazing and a wonderful material to use on furniture. It cleans up easy, gets better with age, always looks chic and is pretty much timeless…BUT, you can run the risk of overdoing it.

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Presentation Is EVERYTHING!

So it’s definitely that time of the year when we all are going crazy trying to figure out, who wants what… What are teenagers actually into?… What is the new “it” gift?… Why am I always rushing and running around till the bitter end, like I had no idea that Christmas actually fell on December 25th this year, and every year prior?…

Anyway, I digress… So besides the act of purchasing the “perfect” gift for all your loved ones, a major component to a successful present is the package that the item is given in. I’m such a sucker for awesome, and well executed wrapping… It just shows that besides the thought that went into the gift there was some time and effort put in to make sure that it looks gorgeous!

Here’s just a quick breakdown of the most simple of wrap jobs, but a few tips that I think make it it super chic!

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Adrian’s Pound Cake

My husband doesn’t come from a long line of remarkable chefs or bakers, but what did trickle down is freaking awesome! One of the things that he makes very well is pound cake. This is a revamped recipe from his grandmother that he’s tweaked several times over, in many a trial and error taste test on my part. The recipe is basic enough that you can start to play with the proportions to suit your taste. 

One of my favorite variations of this recipe is the Pistachio pound cake version where a cup of the flour is more or less swapped out for Pistachio Pudding, and come on, who doesn’t love that?!


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Holiday Gifts well under $100

I don’t know about you guys but I completely dread the Holidays… It’s like instant anxiety and frustration trying to figure out what people want, what they are currently into, or what style of whatever it is you need to understand and purchase. I just throw my hands up most of the time, and give LOVE… Yeah, love… It works, but doesn’t always get the desired reaction when they open up a box only to be greeted with… LOVE. 

So, I’ve actually done a bit of thinking and put together a simple list of items that would appeal to both your male or female gift recipients, and I totally believe they would get a kick out of it!

The thing is, so many of us look at items, and never purchase them because they seem more like “excess” items than “need” items. I’ve found seven gifts, all well under $100 that everyone could find really thoughtful, of course beautiful, but and the end of the day, useful!

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The Well-Worn Sofa

As a designer, one of the most agonizing pieces to decide on is the sofa, and it’s completely understandable, as in most spaces, it is the focal point of the room. There are countless numbers of styles, sizes and textiles that can wrap the piece, but I have to say, there is something so sexy about a well worn leather sofa… Now I’m not talking a $499 deal for a 6-piece “Bonus Leather” winner (and if you act now we’ll throw in the coffee table and floor lamp), hell no… I’m talking leather that looks like a broken in baseball glove… Like a great pair of jeans, that have been molded to hug everything in the right places, the same holds true for the leather sofa…

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