Best Outdoor Party Décor

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Throwing a party is one of those things in life that no one teaches you how to do… there’s no elective “Entertaining 101” class you can sign up for. It is kind of a matter of trial and error, also seeing what others are doing, and what you end up enjoying when you go out to a party.


I really think there are a few easy things that could make any gettogether fun and festive when talking décor.

So first, flowers and greenery. It is such a simple and small touch, but it literally and figuratively livens up the place! Grab two or three inexpensive bunches of flowers and just make really informal tiny arrangements and place them where ever. Super simple, but so effective and eye catching! If you’re not a “flower person,” then how about an assortment of fresh herbs? They are not only delightfully fragrant but could actually serve as part of the meal! Hehe!


Second, seating… I know, I know, what are you talking about Tyler? Well, parties are generally places where people come to stay awhile. Standing only parties will quickly dissolve because, face it, we’re all lazy and tired! Hehe! Now I don’t mean for you to pull every last chair out of your house to give every guest a place for their tush, but options are key! If you have a large outdoor area, try just laying out a few rugs and throw pillows alongside what’s already there. Yes, they can be “indoor” items, because you’re not leaving them outside forever, but I think the notion of an informal, make yourself comfortable, almost picnic-type setting could be more engaging than you might think. When you give people the literal option to “kick of their shoes” and really get comfortable, they will stay. You’ve created an environment like they are in your home and part of the family. Face it, sitting on the ground is kind of fun, like a super chic grown up picnic!


Lastly, lighting! Lighting is key to any great interior setting, and the same holds true for outdoor settings! Mixing and matching lighting, like the TIKI Brand table torches with citronella candles gives you that perfect glow. You never want a party, especially as the sun starts to set, to seem like it’s under the eye of a search light, which is what a lot of backyard lights feel like. Added bonus – when you fill the torches with Bitefighter torch fuel, you’ll guarantee an evening free of buzzing and biting!


The flickering flames positioned in various spots around the party space gives it the ambiance that will surely have your guests laughing and enjoying themselves into the wee hours! And I guarantee, they will be taking some mental notes from YOU on their next party!


Happy Entertaining!

From Inspiration to Execution

So you know you have a project ahead of you, but not a clue as to where you start… No worries, there are a ton of places out there to help guide you along like Pinterest, Houzz and resources like, which takes you from design inspiration to the next step of your bathroom or kitchen project. But really you might have the inspiration for a design project in the most unlikely of places, like a trinket sitting on a shelf, or a vacation you took 10 years ago!

I really like to pull inspiration from what I know, things I love or places I’ve been… This is by far the most authentic way to develop the bones for a successful project! The reason being is that it means something to you! So often we see beautiful spaces, but can’t connect, and that might be because there’s nothing that personally speaks to you.

Here are just a few examples of my initial inspirations and how they were transformed into their completed realizations so you see what I’m talking about…


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NYC Design Student Mixer

I am excited to announce the 1st Annual Student Mixer “Design Connext” on September 8th! This was the brainchild of the NY Chapters of AIA, IIDA & ASID. This gives the students studying Interior Design, Architecture, Urban Studies and Landscape Architecture the opportunity to meet and mingle before the rigors of school gets into full swing! 
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For The Love Of Leather

Tyler 1

Okay, we all know that leather is simply amazing and a wonderful material to use on furniture. It cleans up easy, gets better with age, always looks chic and is pretty much timeless…BUT, you can run the risk of overdoing it.

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Presentation Is EVERYTHING!

So it’s definitely that time of the year when we all are going crazy trying to figure out, who wants what… What are teenagers actually into?… What is the new “it” gift?… Why am I always rushing and running around till the bitter end, like I had no idea that Christmas actually fell on December 25th this year, and every year prior?…

Anyway, I digress… So besides the act of purchasing the “perfect” gift for all your loved ones, a major component to a successful present is the package that the item is given in. I’m such a sucker for awesome, and well executed wrapping… It just shows that besides the thought that went into the gift there was some time and effort put in to make sure that it looks gorgeous!

Here’s just a quick breakdown of the most simple of wrap jobs, but a few tips that I think make it it super chic!

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