One “hat” that a lot of designers love…

This has always been one of my all time favorite accessories to bring both beauty and texture into a room, that appeals to basically all generations and genders… It’s the Cameroon Juju Hat… What is a Cameroon Juju Hat you ask?… Well, according to

The Juju hat is found throughout the West African nation of Cameroon and is worn by the prominent members of the Bamileke tribe like their Royal family as well as dignitaries and Juju dancers of the Bamileke tribe.

The intricate design of the feathers is sewn onto a tight raffia base and covered with wood and cloth material. They are also known as Cameroon headdress and Jojo hats. 

This type of weave is a painstaking process, and the way it neatly folds is rather remarkable. The Juju hat is evidence of a fine, unique and skillful weaving from West Africa using old world techniques. Each hat is made by a group of up to four artisans and takes a couple of days to make.
Here are a handful of really great moments I found on Pinterest, showcasing the beauty of this piece of Cameroon culture that can be used in any room setting… Literally!…

I even got really lucky, and got a Juju Hat donated to my Housing Works “Design on a Dime” vignette last year! So gorg!… I love these things!