Meg, well of course she’s doing well, but what’s she up to?…

Meg Caswell ended up triumphant on Season Six of Design Star, winning the title and her own show… Of course she’s awesome, but what’s it really been like, and what is she currently up to? We managed to work together on 2 challenges, both the 1st and 3rd. We got along wonderfully, bouncing ideas and creativity off each other like we had known one another for years! Let’s find out how things are going now…

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What was your experience like on Design Star? Was it what you expected it to be?
I thought it was the hardest thing I had ever done! Trying to combine your design skills with the TV world was really difficult. We had to design backwards. Pick the paints first and then hope to find the furniture to match. Not to mention the logistics of getting around NYC in the allotted amount of time was nearly impossible. The nonstop designing took a physical toll on all of us at some point and it was the last two weeks for me when both my hands went numb and I couldn't hold anything in my hands for any period of time. Including a paint brush.Now that doesn't help what so ever when it's a design competition. I'm thankful to my fellow designers for helping me out. Especially Kellie for opening my water bottles for me. 
On the show, do you think that you were portrayed like what/who you really are?
I believe that with the amount of time allowed in a 1 hour show you can't really portray exactly how every situation really happened but only a snap shot! When it comes to who we are as people I believe that no one can put words into your mouth and make you act a certain way. When I watched the shows I felt sad that America couldn't see how GREAT everyone really was. Kevin's impersonations...Mark's amazing portabella pasta, Leslie's entertaining morning entrance and your love Tyler for your son! 
Since the show, what have you been up to? Was the show a help or hindrance with life afterwards? 
Well this question is a no brainer! Life has been amazing and I'm so grateful for all the opportunities Design Star has given me. After filming finished 4 days later I became engaged to the love of my life! We are now married! Being away from each other and not being able to communicate was really difficult! I have now finished 18 episodes of Meg's Great Rooms and some Holiday specials. Recently with Dee Snyder of Twister Sister.
America's Most Embarrassing Living Room contest recently aired where I ambushed a young couple and gave them a total makeover on the show and in HGTV magazine!
Another fun special called America's Best Kept Secrets recently aired in February where I uncover cool design around the country. This was the show that I wanted to do once I won Design Star. I had to shoot the concept the network was already committed to once I won but now they are letting me move on to other shows that I'm more passionate about.
Here is a page with images and a sizzle reel incase you missed it.
Finally, March 23rd I have a new special airing called HGTV Home Makeover where I introduce HGTV's new home product line to America thru my journey to the factories where it's all made and I complete a makeover at the end.
P.S. Designers, not much changes from Design Star to filming your own show other than you can ALMOST get the rug that you want! You still have the time constraints, the crazy low budgets and not enough help! I believe Design Star was a boot camp to break you as a designer so you will have to realize that you will never have the perfect project again! 
Finally looking ahead, is there a trend you see on the rise that everyone should be looking out for? Or a super helpful tip or DIY trick everyone should be aware of?
YES, Super high-gloss walls, trim and ceilings... SOOO SEXY!!! 
Design Star was not only the hardest thing I had ever done it was also the best thing! I feel connected to a group of people for life as though we went to summer camp together and grew up together! It is an experience none of us can ever truly explain to others and have them understand what we went thru together. Like a group of kids stranded on an island. I appreciate all my different friendships I found while on that journey. I also feel that I found out more about myself during that time and am fortunate to be able to take that with me thru life! 
I miss you guys! 

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