Man Bun… Obsessed.

I completely admit I probably think about and obsessed way too much about hair… My hair, your hair, random lady on the train’s hair, that guy who just passed me on the street’s hair, but it’s a sickness, and I’m fessing up to it, so it’s okay. At least that’s what my 12-step program said. As long as I admit it, I’m excused…

With that being said, my newest men’s hair obsession is the “Man Bun”… Yeah, that look where a dude hasn’t trimmed his locks in well over two years, and out of utilitarian reasons, just pulls it back, out of his face, and depending on the length loops it back into the elastic, or wraps around like a more traditional chignon… Well, you know the tough manly way of doing it. Hehe! The key is basically that it’s not too perfect. There’s an element of mess and ease to it.

Here are seven good reasons why, as much as I love my barber, I may not be paying him a visit for a good 24-36 months!

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