Lighting up Holiday House NYC…

once again the Holiday House NYC showhouse is preparing for the crowds of design aficionados and admirers, to gaze upon the creations of some of the industries leading designers.
“Holiday House Design Show was founded six years ago by Iris Dankner to raise breast cancer awareness in the design industry. Iris is a sixteen year breast cancer survivor, and has made it her mission to raise funds for breast cancer research and women who need help fighting this disease.

In 2008, combining her two passions, namely her love of design and her efforts to help women in need, Iris created Holiday House, the first designer showhouse held in New York City to benefit a breast cancer organization. Recruiting top interior designers in the New York City area, the showhouse was held in a historic mansion on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and was a resounding success, with all proceeds donated to help the quest to end the scourge of breast cancer forever.

Since its inception, Holiday House has featured the top interior designers in the industry, received critical acclaim, been endorsed by some of the most celebrated global luxury brands, and expanded to a summer showhouse in the Hamptons. Holiday House is about the celebration of life, with each designer selecting a holiday or a special moment in life as an inspiration for their design.”

The show has gotten better and better every year, and this year’s offering did not disappoint! Ally Coulter shows off her athletic side with a football themed media room, while Darrin Varden gives us the dark and sultry side of Winter… Catherine Weinstock celebrates “Republic Day” with a moment of “Reading & Reflection”.  Campion Platt’s serene and refreshing vision of what every bedroom should aspire to left me wanting to curl up and snuggle! Patrick J. Hamilton surrounds us with shades of emeralds, while Gregory Allan Cramer explores everything pink! The spaces were well thought out and executed, as anticipated, but this year I noticed so many amazing things happening overhead!

I know that in the upcoming days many publications and blogs with elaborate on everyone’s designs and the way this “subtle nuance was captured”, because of this, that or the other… But I am going to focus up, on that 5th wall, the ceiling!

IMG_5225 IMG_5227 IMG_5234 IMG_5240 IMG_5244 IMG_5246 IMG_5247 IMG_5253 IMG_5256 IMG_5260 IMG_5266 IMG_5271 IMG_5277 IMG_5279 IMG_5281 IMG_5289 IMG_5291 IMG_5295
If you are able to stop in and enjoy all the creations, I highly recommend doing so… But if not, please contribute to this cause, and let’s eradicate breast cancer! For tickets or to make a donation please click here.