Let go too soon!… Blanche, where are you now?!…

Remember that hot Latina chick on Design Star? Yup, that was Blanche, a sweetheart that was dismissed from the competition too soon! I often wonder how things would have played out had she remained longer, considering her level of success as an interior designer prior to the show… You know the girl had some skills that were not able to come out and get showcased, but hey, that’s “reality” television at it’s finest.

She had an impressive resume prior to the show, and from what I know continues to impress! Let’s see what the fiery Ms Garcia has going on in her fabulous life!…


What was your experience like on Design Star? Was it what you expected it to be?
It may have been the craziest thing I’ve ever done to date. It was amazing and scary at the same time, all the time. It was exactly how I pictured it, except I was unprepared for how much time was used up by production versus real design time.
On the show, do you think that you were portrayed like what/who you really are?
I believe I was portrayed very close to who I actually am. I don’t think there was enough time to show a lot of my personality but I was represented correctly.
Since the show, what have you been up to? Was the show a help or hindrance with life afterwards?
The show actually didn’t affect my life good or bad. People thought it was cool that I was on a show that they knew about. Since then and totally unrelated I got cast as the resident Designer on Travel Channels Hotel Impossible, and we are in the middle of filming our third season. Funny that I was cast by a producer I had worked with 2 years earlier and she had no idea I had done Design Star when she cast me. I am also in the middle of writing my first book “Empowered Design-Designing the Life You Were Meant to Live From the Inside Out. And In June I will be opening a new Design studio and expanding my company.
Finally looking ahead, is there a trend you see on the rise that everyone should be looking out for? Or a super helpful tip or DIY trick everyone should be aware of?
Inspired Design that connects with the individual energetically. Design being an incremental piece of your life instead of being just about comfort, style and function.
Then any last thoughts, or things you feel like sharing?
The show taught me to dream big but not to hold on too tightly to the idea of how the road of life should look. Sometimes it turns out better than you dreamed of.
There's a reason for everything in this world, and you are living proof that the universe will guide you to where you need to be! So thrilled for your success! Completely blown away by many of those Hotel Impossible renovations!

Reaching out to Blanche couldn't be easier! Click here B. Garcia Designs

So we've heard from Kevin, Karl, Kellie and Blanche... Let's see who's next!