Interior Design sourcing on eBay?!… Yeah! Who knew?

A few months back I was contacted by eBay to help them out with putting together “Collections” and “Guides”… I had no idea what that meant or why I would even consider doing something like this as an Interior Designer. eBay was not my even on my radar for a place to source goods from for my design projects. Boy was I given a wake up call! 

In my mind, eBay was still that place where you obsessive checked your computer, possibly still connected via dial up, to monitor that one of a kind vintage find that you just could not be out bid on! This isn’t 2001! This is a whole new world of online shopping! There are literally thousands and thousands of REALLY great quality items that are ready to “Buy It Now”! The marketplace spans the globe and the breath of styles, price points and options are amazing!

So what are these “Collections” and “Guides” I was asked to put together? Well the Collections are basically like individual Pinterest boards of my favorite things! And there are a lot of favorite things! Hehe! I’ve created Collection boards from the best tufted Chesterfield sofas to my picks for ways to include Copper in your home! Then the Guides are more detailed posts, giving a bit more information on themes or items…

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I was so jaded with what I thought eBay was, and now I’m glad to know of what they can offer me! Please check out the my eBay page with all the design deliciousness you can handle! Happy Design, Happy Shopping!