Housing Works “Design on a Dime”

I believe with all my being that we can all help out in our own ways to make this world we live in a better place… It’s more so a duty to those who are fortunate enough to be given a platform to speak, advocate and cultivate awareness. I have the extreme pleasure in saying that I have once again been asked to participate in the uber-popular event “Design on a Dime” sponsoring Housing Works!

I do hope that if you are in NYC on April 25th, you will consider attending this phenomenal event, celebrating the world of design, by shopping amazing products curated by 60 of the World’s Top Interior Designers, with retail prices slashed by at least half!… Yeah, ridiculous!… You can get the deals of a lifetime, make your home incredibly chic, and help out a great cause, what could be better? Oh, have I mentioned the celebrities that love to stop by and shop as well? Check out a few pics from the years past…

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Iman-at-7th-Annual-Housing-Works-Design-on-a-Dime-charity-shopping-event-001 rachel-roy-housing-works-2012-design-on-a-dime-event-new-york-city

So basically what I’m trying to say is, it’s an awesome place to mingle and watch! I had the amazing menswear designer John Bartlett, coming in telling me he loved my space, Bob & Cortney Novogratz congratulating me on such an accomplishment, and “Million Dollar Contractor” Stephen Fanuka simply just come over and give me a big ole hug… It’s one of the most lively design events of the year, and the beauty of it is that EVERYONE can be a part!

Last year’s event was my first, so I can’t tell you the amount of stress I placed on myself to make a good showing!… I think I did alright…

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This year, the pressure is on again to create the most eye catching 3-walls possible! I feel like I’m off to quite a start! Here’s just a peek at a few of the SUPER SEXY donations I’ve acquired!

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Intrigued? Feeling like you may need to experience all this in person, and possibly walk away with some of these goodies? Get your tickets now to join me! A night of shopping, cocktails, celebrities, but most importantly supporting a cause through kick-ass design!

Get your tickets!  Get your tickets!get your tickets!