Holiday Gifts well under $100

I don’t know about you guys but I completely dread the Holidays… It’s like instant anxiety and frustration trying to figure out what people want, what they are currently into, or what style of whatever it is you need to understand and purchase. I just throw my hands up most of the time, and give LOVE… Yeah, love… It works, but doesn’t always get the desired reaction when they open up a box only to be greeted with… LOVE. 

So, I’ve actually done a bit of thinking and put together a simple list of items that would appeal to both your male or female gift recipients, and I totally believe they would get a kick out of it!

The thing is, so many of us look at items, and never purchase them because they seem more like “excess” items than “need” items. I’ve found seven gifts, all well under $100 that everyone could find really thoughtful, of course beautiful, but and the end of the day, useful!

blog tree
A tree?!… Who gives someone a freaking tree? Well, maybe you do! But think about it… This is a lovely Meyer Lemon Tree that is a sturdy, wonderful smelling plant that actually produces fruit! A little lemon zest over a pasta dish, or sliced lemons in your water… It’s bound to be way more helpful around the kitchen that anyone might anticipate! And at only $79.95, it’s the perfect way to give the gift of greenery that isn’t cut flowers!

Blog candle
Okay, I know… A candle! Groundbreaking!… I know it’s not, but when you think about it most people won’t make the splurge for a really nice candle for themselves. They might pick up a nice “Cake Batter” or “Hawaiian Breeze” jar from the drug store when picking up deodorant, but there’s nothing cool about that… This is something that is worthy of displaying out, and giving you the rich scent that only a good quality candle can achieve! This number from Tom Dixon is a reasonable $68, and is great for a bachelor to step up his game, or for the girl who loves little bit of sparkle!

Blog decanter
I feel sort of like a broken record when it comes to my love of the bedside decanter, but it’s the truth! I love that it is the simplest of notions, but gives any space that B&B feel. This is way more attractive to sip off of than a Poland Springs plastic bottle, wouldn’t you say? The contemporary lines of this Luigi Bormilio Michelangelo carafe will fit into all environments! At $26.45, this is like the cheapest way to instantly bring up the chic level of any bedroom!

Blog dish
Nowadays, it’s not only the girls that have jewelry… As guys know, accessories are just as important to the male species as in the opposite sex. One thing that most of us suffer from is finding those treasured pieces, or at least keeping them in one contained area. Well this super whimsical piece from Imm Living is guaranteed to make anyone crack a smile when getting ready! The Lock Jaw Trinket dish can hold everything from earrings to pocket change, and $40.00 is such a great price point, that I would actually have a couple of these on hand at home for last minute host/hostess gifts!

Blog match
What the heck is appealing about a bottle of matches you ask? Well everything! So simply packaged, this will proudly sit on any cocktail table or with fire tools, and look awesome! This isn’t something I recommend with a BIC lighter or free book of matches you get at the convenience store. This is just smart! At only $25 this Apothocary Matchstick Bottle is a no brainer!

blog stopper
If you have that friend or relative that is just “too fabulous” for words or obsesses over being the most glamorous one in the bunch… Well this is for them. I mean, shut up! Amethyst! So on trend, so beautiful, and yeah, again… REALLY USEFUL! $50 is a small price to pay to catapult your status as the most thoughtful person in the world with this Amethyst Bottle Stopper, and isn’t your status worth it?

blog tote
Now we all have that friend that is the “eco” one, or the “green” one… Or like all my relatives in Hawaii are dealing with, the ones that really needing to figure things out since plastic bags were outlawed in the grocery stores. So instead of filling up more landfills, give the coolest brown bag tote you can. This Waxed Canvas Market bag is the gift that will keep giving for years! $44.00 is nothing when helping out the environment, and helping that friend or relative look like the coolest cat at the farmer’s market!

Well I hope this at least helps keep the stress levels down this season so you can concentrate on more important things like which wine pairs well with doing a whole lot of nothing in front of the fire! Happy Shopping