Dreaming of furniture, fixtures and gorgeous things…

Interior Design is a funny industry… As a designer, my job is to steer people in a direction that best expresses each client’s personal aesthetic, but not necessarily reflecting my own, all the while trying to interject some personality into the space. A good designer can put together many different styles of interiors, but admittedly we all have our own point of view and items that we are dying to use, but may never get the opportunity to… I have a list too long mention of pieces I would love to spec out, but may not happen till I win the lottery and purchase it all for myself! Hehehe! You never know though, there might be that Dream Client out there who might be right on board to live amidst all these beautiful pieces!

This monumental chandelier, smartly name the “Black Dragon” is the ultimate in Spooky Luxury! Dark Chic! It’s such a statement piece, I can’t stand it… Designed by the genius Barlas Baylar from Hudson Furniture it is one of the top items I covet!

This modern interpretation of a tufted sofa is from A Rudin. This is something I can definitely specify for a client, especially being so well designed and priced, but it still deserves to be on my list of faves! Imagine this is a sumptuous aubergine or ink colored velvet!

I love Fort Street Studios rugs primarily because of the Wild Silk they use to create their designs, which renders an almost powdery finish over the uber soft rugs! This is Rocken, part of their New Traditionals line, which I am so digging!

This table from Chista is Kailash! From the moment I laid eyes on this thing I knew I needed to have it, or use it, or just caress it… The gorgeous celebration of the forms in nature captured in this polished cast bronze piece is undeniably stunning!

My friends over at Trove make the most incredible products! Their aesthetic and eye for detail is always appreciated! They continually amaze me with their innovative and unusual designs. This is Hundun. To me it’s like the most beautiful burnt out image of unrecognizable floral bunches. I’m not a floral guy, but this doesn’t read that way to me… Just reads “cool”!

There is nothing more sexy than a really good chair, and this is hella sexy! From the stellar design team of Roman and Williams, this smart marriage of leather, brass and walnut is an icon in the making! The Reader Chair is simple, classic and gorgeous. Any room would be happy to have it over for a spell…

One day… These pieces will find their way into one of my designs, till then a designer can dream can’t he?!…