“Dr. Kellie, Paging Dr. Kellie…”

We were just a crazy bunch during our time living, working and laughing together, all the while competing against each other on Design Star. Sometimes we had to fill our time with utter silliness, and one line that came out early on was “Dr. Kellie”, of course coined by Kevin. It just kind of stuck, don’t ask why, but it did…

Next up, we’re checking with the hands down fan favorite, Kellie Clements. She is and was a total firecracker! My gosh, that girl was a bundle of energy, that could not be contained! Let’s see what this mom of two from Edmond, Oklahoma has been up to!…


What was your experience like on Design Star? Was it what you expected it to be?
Was totally NOT what I expected. Blind sided by a few things. The TV Biz is just crazy! All the starting and stopping and “yes you can” and “no you can’t”. I was just like “LEMMIE WORK ALREADY!!!!” Designing for TV is a definite challenge in it’s self, throw in 11 other designers, weird shopping restrictions, ridiculous timelines and well….you get it, It’s freakin tough! Toughest part is not having luxury to tweak and perfect things like we would for a client. There is no time to hold out for “perfection”. It  hurts your soul to not be able to do what you know you are capable of. I was also not prepared for how close some of us would become and how coming home was so wonderful and sad all at the same time. I really missed the chaos after I was home and it took a few months to adjust. So happy to have gotten ( and stayed) so close to some of the designers. I have been to see Meg twice and was able to hang with Kev in Chicago last year. Also got to catch up with Karl and meet some of the designers from this past season. Wish I could have seen more of the crew! Ty, we are coming to NYC this year for Christmas!!! 
On the show, do you think that you were portrayed like what/who you really are?
Yep, that was me but a little exaggerated ( the crying part) I don’t cry much when it comes to design at home. I am mouthy and loud, stubborn and pretty hard core when it comes to my work. However when we were filming, emotions were high for me due to some things I was overcoming in my personal life. It was a very concentrated time for me in terms of my work and emotions so I wasn’t surprised that I was “the cryer”. 
Since the show, what have you been up to? Was the show a help or hindrance with life afterwards?
To say the show has helped would be an understatement. I was very busy before I decided to audition but things have reached a whole new level of crazy. It was a true honor to be able to film the online show after winning fan favorite ( that was also not what I expected 😉 I have signed on to write a book and have also had the privilege of participating in multiple fundraisers to benefit the Arts, The American Cancer Society, Adoption Causes, as well as  speak to hundreds of design students about what it’s really like “out there” after graduation. This past fall I signed on with Blindsgalore to develop my own line of exclusive window coverings. I started a chair line, added a new office to my home and blah blah blah.  Oh yes……and the reason I am even in this line of work….THE CLIENTS! There are more than usual and thankfully, this doesn’t seem to be something that will change anytime soon 😉 Life is Good!
Finally looking ahead, is there a trend you see on the rise that everyone should be looking out for? Or a super helpful tip or DIY trick everyone should be aware of?
I’m with Kev…not a fan of trends. If it’s a “trend” it may not speak true to who you are. If what you love happens to be the hottest look great, but that shouldn’t be the platform for what you call home or It will never really feel like yours. My helpful DIY is to tell people to actually attempt some of the crap they have pinned on Pinterest! Yes…I am talking to you….. Just pick something and try it. You may have a secret talent waiting to be uncovered. 
Then any last thoughts, or things you feel like sharing? Also, how can people contact you?


Dr. Kellie, I’m so looking forward to seeing you and meeting your boys during the holidays! Life does sound good, in fact it sounds phenomenal! So happy to hear of all your success!

So who’s up next? Check back soon to find out!