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Tackling an outdoor project can seem intimidating, but there are a few key things to keep in mind that will ensure a swoon-worthy outcome! This was the anxiety and stress lifestyle blogger Melissa Williams was feeling when her young family moved into a new home with a large completely open backyard.

She and her husband had plans to lay a stamped concrete patio area, but past that point… Well, nothing. So that’s where TIKI Brand and I stepped in to see what I could do to help create the perfect outdoor oasis!

I will admit I was not familiar with this material, but Stamped Concrete is literally what is says. It’s poured out like traditional concrete, but then “stamped” with different profile textures to mimic the look of natural stone, then a pigment is applied over that to alter the color! It really was quite a lovely effect. It literally looked like a slate patio, which would have easily been 3 times the cost! It was really quite nice!

So, our blank canvas was ready! The plot measured out approximately 13’-0” deep x 19’-0” wide. I had a pretty lengthy conversation with Melissa about her style and what she wanted to accomplish. She is the mother of two small children and really just wanted to be able for the family to hang out. Since she works from home, even a space to have a morning cup of coffee and work on her laptop was ideal. She loved a Boho inspired vibe and was very receptive to the use of color even though it wasn’t within her own personal comfort zone to make choices like that.

One of the things I immediately noticed was the patio was wonderful, but completely exposed to her neighbors from all sides. So, we thought a small slatted partition wall just on the outside corner would give a bit of privacy but still allow visual access to the areas of the yard behind it. That ended up being a weekend project for her husband and father.

Now it was furniture and space planning! The fun stuff! Since she had a family of four I needed to provide at least that many spots when they were all outside. I also wanted to give the space zones if you will. A lounge area then a small bistro, work zone. The easiest way to define these specific areas is through rugs! They will provide a visual and textural footprint for the two areas. And if you know me, I LOVE to layer rugs! The lounge area was not quite large enough with just one rug, so I used two of them, layering the smaller over the outside corner of the larger to increase that zone!

Melissa initially mentioned a loveseat, and I just thought, but then where are the other two butts going to be planted? So I found a wonderful modular sectional! I made sure to specify something in a neutral color so that we could use pillows to really bring in a pop of color and pattern! I did this especially because of Melissa’s uncertainty with color, so because we left the large furniture piece neutral, in this case a beautiful light grey, this gives her flexibility in the future to switch things up or embrace new trendy colors or patterns though the pillows whenever she wants to!

I angled up a sculptural wire chair to complete the lounge area since the sectional alone despite it accommodating four people, needed an accent chair to promote conversation, and give a guest an option to sit opposite the family.

At the other corner opposite the sectional, I found the perfect bistro set, again, anchored with a rug for Melissa to work outside on nice days, or to have a romantic dinner with her husband on summer nights.

And, of course, as the sun begins to set, what’s the most important feature? Lighting! We can have the most amazing furnishings and architectural details, but if you can’t see it, then… Well, you can’t appreciate it! I used a combination of products from TIKI Brand, including traditional torches to define the space and added a variety of table top torches and patio torches to give the perfect amount of illumination and ambiance. By mixing different levels of lighting you’ve made what is essentially a large open outdoor space feel cozy and intimate. These torches are such an affordable way to transform your space into your own personal oasis and the dancing flame is truly mesmerizing.

So just remember my three tips:

  1. Lay rugs to define spaces
  2. Keep large furniture pieces neutral in color so you can pop with accent pillows
  3. Use various levels of lighting to create a cozy atmosphere

The space was a ton of fun to create with Melissa, and I know her family will be enjoying this new part of their home for years and years to come!

To watch our entire makeover Click Here!

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