Another talent, dismissed too soon! What’s J been up to?…

JAllen is just one of those people that I was just instantly attracted to… Don’t ask me why, but when all the finalists were revealed to each other, I looked at this tall gorgeous girl, and thought, “I like her, I want to know her”. Unfortunately I didn’t get as much time to hang as I had envisioned. I honestly thought that she was going to be my main competition. I don’t have a reason other than, I figured the quieter ones in the group are normally the thinkers, just waiting to make their move!

Her time on Design Star was cut short, but I bet my instincts about J was right on, and she is still rocking out some amazing interiors!


What was your experience like on Design Star?
Was it what you expected it to be?
Design Star was an education for me; it pushed me to be decisive, own my perspective and trust my talent. While I had no expectation of what the show would be it was eye opening to be apart of the process and see the stuff that reality TV is made of.
On the show, do you think that you were portrayed like what/who you really are?
The little bit of me that was portrayed on the show was accurate. I’m generally a pretty reserved and laid back character however,  I had no idea how introverted I was until the cameras started rolling and I instantly wanted to disappear! My nerves were shot when it was all said and done. My sharp tongue also made a cameo and while I can be a pretty tough cookie when needed, I do wish the “forces” that prompted some of my curt behavior would have made the cut… but that’s television! 
Since the show, what have you been up to? Was the show a help or hindrance with life afterwards? 
Post- Design Star Life is amazing… Once you get used to strangers calling you by name (BTW, still not used to that) there is a buzz that you’re a part of; your vision, perspective, and designs are in demand and on a huge platform for all to see. Since the show I’ve been busy traveling the world working on amazing projects in the US and abroad. My travels to the far corners of the world also inspired the launch of a home collection featuring a range of furniture & accessories from around the globe.
Finally looking ahead, is there a trend you see on the rise that everyone should be looking out for? Or a super helpful tip or DIY trick everyone should be aware of?
I’m actually pretty afraid of the current spike in the use of denim as an upholstery option. I’m not ready…here’s to hoping this won’t catch on although, it doesn’t seem to be going away – 🙁
Then any last thoughts, or things you feel like sharing?
Sky’s the limit season sixers… go get ’em!
J Photo

And I was right… The girl is killing it! Love that! Thanks so much J!

If you want to reach out and learn more, especially if you’re in the DC area looking for a dream interior! Check her outPerceptions Interiors